Application of Creep Pump in Medical Industry

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        Introduction to the Application of Creep Pump in Medical Industry
        In the clinical work of the medical industry, the use of creep pumps and hose pumps for flushing and drip irrigation is common:
        1. Thermochemotherapy perfusion: The injection of a prepared agent into the tumor site causes the temperature of the tumor site in the body to rise to an effective treatment temperature, and maintains a certain period of time, taking advantage of the difference in temperature tolerance of normal tissues and tumor cells. To achieve the goal of treating tumor cell apoptosis without damaging normal tissue.
        2. Colonic perfusion: Heating the lavage agent, introducing it into the colon part of the body through a catheter at a suitable temperature, maintaining a certain period of time before it is excreted by the catheter, thereby achieving the cleaning effect of harmful ingredients in the body.
        3. Surgical rinsing: After medical surgery, the wound area will be sterilized, and the surgical instruments will be sterilized and sterilized. The infected organs, tissues, debris or residues will be cleaned, sterilized, and sterilized. Then it can reduce infection after operation and prevent adhesion.
        4. Based on the safety and hygiene requirements of the medical operation process, the perfusion and flushing lines during the process must be used once. The use of a creep pump can provide stable and controlled flow without contact with liquids or pharmaceuticals.