Application of creep pump in pharmaceutical industry

Product Details
Customer requirements
        1. Drugs are directly related to the health and safety of the people. In order to ensure the quality of drugs, the entire production process of the pharmaceutical industry requires accurate fluid transmission and pollution-free production environment.
        2. The user needs to quantitatively add 1 microliter of trace liquids to the container, and the accuracy requirement is within 1 %.
        3. Two channel experiments run at the same time and are simple to operate.
        4. It may be used in conjunction with other control equipment later.
        1. The flow range of traditional creep pump products is wide, with high fluid transmission accuracy and stability, but the transmission accuracy of micro-flow liquids is low.
The user can use Sino's injection pump to completely solve the accuracy problem.
        2. This product has a quantitative function and can be automatically extracted repeatedly.
        3. LCD touch screen operation, easier to operate.
Generate value
        1. Improve fluid transmission accuracy and repeat injection accuracy & lt; 1 %, applicable to any liquid.
        2.4.3 "LCD touch screen operation with animated display, human-machine interface friendly.
        3. The injection pump is simple to operate, simple to maintain, and can be used with a uniform specification syringe, and the cost of later use is low. The general market syringe cost is about 2-3 yuan.
        4. For a variety of syringes, the flow varies from 0.002 microlitres-140ml / min.
        5. Two-channel injection pump can transport two kinds of liquids at the same time, and the transmission efficiency is doubled.
        6. During the transmission of the injection pump, the liquid passes only through the syringe and the tube, and no contact with the fuselage is required to effectively avoid cross-contamination of the liquid.
        7. Functional upgrade, the product can be automatically repeated, can be transmitted in a fixed number, can set mechanical limit or system intelligence limit.
        8. External control part, product external control comprehensive upgrade, can set up the external control mode of the pump, do not need to be customized separately.