Application of Creep Pump in Food Industry

Product Details
        Many food and beverage producers are turning to peristaltic technology to meet their core needs, namely, to limit pollution, reduce waste and ensure cleanliness. The creep pump meets the relevant strict standards by providing complete online cleaning(CIP) and online sterilization(SIP) functions. If food producers are to list one factor above all else, it is hygiene. Once a brand or reputation is damaged, it will be difficult to repair, and sometimes it will cause considerable economic losses. For the food factory, although special attention is usually paid to all aspects of personnel operations and health needs, the scrutiny of production and processing technologies can not be underestimated. For example, for the pumping process, food and beverage components enter the mechanical device. Although the pump can be removed after the end of each shift or product conversion clearance, but this can truly ensure cleanliness? In terms of safeguarding public health and avoiding high claims for compensation, no degree of food contamination is allowed. So where is the road for food manufacturers?
        The increasing amount of installation, let us understand that the company has developed a series of volume pump products. In its core product categories, creep pumps occupy a considerable proportion. Creep pump technology has its own sanitary characteristics in its own design. There are no moving parts on the flow, and only the hose is in contact with the fluid, eliminating the hidden danger of cross-contamination between the pump and the material it transmits. The creep pump works using a rotating roller to squeeze an elastic hose element. After each wheel is rolled, the hose element returns to form and creates a vacuum to inhale the object or fluid. This actually has the effect of volume replacement, preventing reflux, and does not require check valves in cases where the pump is not operating. In addition, since the creep pump does not have valves, seals, seals or other commonly used abrasives that require constant maintenance, repair or replacement, it can also provide a full set of online cleaning and online sterilization functions. This significantly reduces the chance of contamination, bacterial growth or any other health problems. Unlike cam rotor pumps, diaphragm pumps, or similar types of pumps, creep pumps do not have any gaps or dead areas that may leave a liquid or residue that leads to major bacterial pollution sources. In addition, strong shell with anti-corrosion powder spraying and IP66 industrial grade waterproof protective shell are ideal for process flow, hygiene and flushing applications.