Application of Creep Pump in Fermentation Industry

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        Application and Attention of Creep Pump in Fermentation Industry
        Creep pumps are widely used in the fermentation industry. Creep pumps play an important role in biological fermentation. Creep pumps need to continuously add and supplement various trace elements or catalysts to control the fermentation liquid in each process. character. These supplements are used to accurately control the fermentation process. The accuracy of the added trace elements will greatly affect the progress of the fermentation process and the quality of the finished product.
        The application of creep pump in the fermentation tank is very extensive. The transmission accuracy and long-term reliable operation of creep pump determine the stability and reliability of the output liquid, so it also plays a particularly important role in the fermentation process. Therefore, manufacturers of fermentation tanks need to pay special attention to the selection of creep pumps and the matching of models. There are many creep pump manufacturers in the market, and the quality differences are very comparable. It is not easy to find problems in short-term operation or direct viewing. Therefore, the following issues should be noted in the selection of creep pumps for fermentation tanks:
        1. Matching and solubility of the type of liquid transported and the pump tube.
        2. Pay attention to the corrosion and influence of the material of pump head and shell, organic solvent and acid-base in industrial environment on creep pump shell and material.
        3. Rationality and quality of creep pump design
        4. The size of the creep pump flow and the fermentation tank need to match the flow, to meet the flow of the premise to choose a low-speed pump to improve the pump tube and pump life.
        5. The service capacity and production scale of creep pump manufacturers, try to select companies that can provide themselves with comprehensive services and products to ensure that problems can be solved quickly.