Application of creep pump in laboratory field

Product Details
Introduction to Laboratory and Research Areas:
        The laboratory is the place where experiments and experiments are conducted. It is the cradle of science, the base of scientific research, and the source of scientific and technological development. The laboratory includes three categories: 1. The laboratory belonging to the school or hosted by the school is the place where the school conducts experimental teaching and scientific research; 2. National institutions or international institutions are engaged in tasks such as basic measurement, high-precision projects, ultra-large research topics, and national defense military. 3. The enterprise laboratory serves the development and research of industrial technology.
Customer requirements:
        The pump flow range is wide, the flow rate can be adjusted, and the pump flow rate can be changed in real time according to the test results.
        High accuracy and measurability of the pump fluid, providing effective data support for the experimental work
        The same pump can transmit a variety of corrosive fluids, the pump itself will not be corroded by the fluid, the fluid will not cause cross-pollution
Pumps can transmit abrasive fluids containing particulate suspensions
Biological laboratories require fluid transfer processes to reduce the loss of transfer of biologically active substances
        Pumps are integrable and can integrate laboratory systems with other laboratory equipment
Simple pump operation and simple maintenance
Sino solution:
1. The flow range of Sinoe creep pump products is wide and adjustable, and it has higher fluid transmission accuracy and stability. The lower shear effect is more suitable for the transmission of biologically active fluids. In the transmission of fluids, the fluid is only in contact with the hose, eliminating the risk of pump contamination of fluids or fluid pollution pumps. By selecting a corrosion-resistant hose, it can be used to transmit various corrosive fluids, and by selecting a wear-resistant hose, it can be used to transfer fluids containing solid particles.. By replacing the hose, the same pump can be used to transmit different types of fluids and avoid cross-contamination between fluids.
2. Sinoe laboratory injection pump product with high liquid transmission accuracy, flow range 0.024 NL / min -124.361 ml/min. Fluid only contact with the syringe, through the selection of corrosion-resistant syringe, can achieve the small flow of corrosive liquid transmission.
        The 3.sinuo dilution distributor has high liquid transmission accuracy and is suitable for liquid dilution and distribution operations with small amounts of liquid in the laboratory.
4. Sinopyric lifting pump is an ultra-micro injection pump(cell syringe) used for leather upgrade liquid transmission. It uses compressed air as a power source to achieve the application of intracellular injection skin upgrading liquid(solution of DNA, fluorescent dye and other substances).
Customer Value:
1. Improve fluid transmission accuracy
Creep pump distribution volume, repeatability accuracy ≤ 2 %
Control error of laboratory injection pump stroke ≤ 0.5 %
Diluting distributor repeatability accuracy ≤ 0.5 %
Pressure control accuracy error of skin lift pump ≤ 0.5 %
2. Avoid cross-contamination of fluids during transport
        Creep pumps, laboratory injection pumps or dilution distributors, where the fluid is only in contact with the hose or syringe inner cavity during the transmission of the fluid, exclude the risk of pump contamination of the fluid or fluid contamination pump, and can be used to transfer different types of fluids by replacing the hose or syringe. And there is no cross-contamination between the fluids. Hoses and syringes are easily cleaned and disinfected to meet sanitary standards.
3. Reduce transmission loss of biologically active substances
Creep pump has low shear effect and does not inactivate the transport of biologically active substances
4. Easily complete the liquid transfer process containing crystallization/clotting
        When the creep pump transmits the fluid, the fluid only comes into contact with the inner cavity of the hose, and a hose with a wear-resistant material is selected to be used for the transmission of fluids containing solid particles for a long time.
Soft particle size > 25 % * ID(tube diameter)
Hard particle size <UNK> 5 % * ID(tube diameter)
5. Laboratory automatic control system can be integrated with other laboratory equipment
        Creep pumps and laboratory injection pumps have a variety of control methods that can control the operation of the pump through RS485 communication control or analog signal control. Therefore, automatic control systems can be integrated with other laboratory equipment to automatically complete fluid transmission functions according to system settings.
6. Simple pump operation and simple maintenance
        Creep pumps transport fluid without valves and seals and without pump damage due to dry operation
        Easy to replace hose or syringe, low maintenance cost