Baodingsinuo invites all friends to attend the Guangzhou International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar-2019.2.26-28

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CHINA LAB 2018 Guangzhou International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar
Laboratory products
1, scientific instruments
  (1) Analytical and measuring instruments: chromatography, gas phase, spectrum, spectrum, mass spectrometry, optics, spectral spectroscopes
  (2) Universal laboratory instruments: instruments and equipment such as weighing instruments, microscopes, and optical image processing, etc..
  (3) biochemical instruments, life sciences and microbiological testing instruments, experimental animal facilities
  (4) industry-specific analytical instruments and equipment
2, reagents / consumables
  (1) Common reagent
  (2) instrumental chemical reagents
  (3) Standard substances
  (4) Laboratory chemicals
  (5) Electronic reagents, photochemical reagents
  (6) Biochemical and molecular biology reagents
  (7) Medical/diagnostic / test reagents
  (8) Laboratory consumables
3, glass products: glass instruments, medical glass, glassware, special glass
4, laboratory construction products
  (1) Laboratory equipment and materials: laboratory cabinets, ventilation cabinets, biosafety cabinets, decoration building materials, etc..
  (2) Laboratory water, electricity and gas products: exhaust cover, gas grilling, gas road display, etc..
  (3) Presentation of laboratory construction software, laboratory construction technology(BIM, VR) and other effects
  (4) Laboratory intelligent control and safety equipment: VAV control system, building control system, laboratory equipment monitoring department, etc..
5. Clean room equipment: Clean table, air blowing room, air filter, etc..
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     Invitation: 11th China Online Analytical Instrument Application and Development International Forum cum Exhibition
     Time: February 26-28, 2019
     Exhibit: 1 G28
     Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo
     Address: 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
     Contact: Li Fengjingli
     Contact: 0312-8920861 1722210566
     Website: Http://
     Traffic routes:
     Pazhou Station subway entrance connects the airport and other subway lines, and it is convenient to reach the urban area of Guangzhou. The subway exit can be reached directly at the entrance of the exhibition hall.
     The starting price of Guangzhou taxi is RMB 10, and the rental price per kilometer is RMB 2.6.

     9 bus lines B7, B7 Express, 137, 229, 262, 304, 461, 564, University City Line 3, get off at Pazhou Station and walk for 2 minutes to Poly World Trade Expo.