The use technique of peristaltic pump

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       1. the inlet is as short as possible. The joint and caliber of the pipeline should not be lower than the caliber of the caliper installed by the pump head. The suction is produced by the rebound of the pump tube. If the pipeline is too long or the diameter of the inlet pipe is too long, the suction end resistance will be too large and the resistance is too large, so the actual flow of the pipe will be greatly lost. In the same outlet pipe, if the diameter of the pipe is smaller or the pipeline is too long, the discharge pressure is usually small. When the discharge resistance is too large, the output flow will be reduced.
       2. in the use of the process, we should pay attention to cleaning up the pump casing and pump pipe debris. If the pump pipe is damaged and flow into the pump shell pressure wheel and pressure block and pump tube, it will change the pressure gap of the pump head, even small changes will cause excessive early wear and tear of the pump tube, which will seriously affect the pump head damage to the pump head.
       3. use the special pipe on the pump head, and the rest connection pipe uses the ordinary pipeline. The extrusion tube used on the peristaltic pump needs good compressive resilience and tearing performance, so the material of these pumps has high material purity, high wall thickness and high shape precision, which will result in higher price. Therefore, it is more economical to use common pipes as connecting pipes.
       4. when selecting the type, the pump speed can be reduced to 300 within the premise of satisfying the flow rate. Flow is driven by the head of the pump, and the faster the rotation is, the shorter the time of the pump pipe will be used, so when the pump tube is used longer, the pump can be selected as much as possible to reduce the speed of the pump.
       5. when choosing, pay attention to whether the liquid that needs to be transported will corrode the pump pipe. Because the material of the pump pipe is more, the type of liquid is also very much, no one kind of pump can tolerate all the liquid, so it is necessary to confirm the type of the liquid, and make comparison by the chemical phase solution or soak the experiment to ensure the use of the pump tube.
       6. the theoretical flow rate is larger than the actual flow rate, and the best is more than 30%. The peristaltic pump tube is soft, so the negative pressure and discharge pressure is small. If the liquid has a certain viscosity or the pipe has a certain length, it will cause the loss of the actual flow. In order to achieve the required flow type selection, the theoretical flow is slightly higher than the actual flow.
       7. regularly check the wear of the pump pipe when using. Because the peristaltic pump pipe is a vulnerable part, once the damage will cause liquid leakage, so to check the surface of the pump table in time is that the pump has early grinding, in order to prevent the pump pipe breakage.
       8. loosening the pressure pipe block can prolong the service life of the pump without working. In order to keep the long life of the pump pipe, it is necessary to lift the pump head to keep the pump pipe in the state of natural pressure, so as to prolong the life of the pump tube.