Baodingsinuo invites friends from all walks of life to participate in the 11th China Online Analytical Instrument Application and Development International Forum cum Exhibition-2018.11.21-23

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     The 11th China Online Analytical Instrument Application and Development International Forum and Exhibition, jointly organized by the China Instrument Instrument Analysis Instrument Branch and the China Instrument Instrument Instrument Industry Association Analysis Instrument Branch, will be held from November 21 to 23, 2018 at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center.. The conference will continue to carry forward the professional characteristics and academic style of the previous nine sessions and carry out academic exchanges and display activities under the theme of "high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, safety and environmental protection". Warmly welcome the technical personnel and managers of petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, mining, medicine, metallurgy, electricity, steel, food and other units, departments or institutions engaged in online analytical instrument application, R&D and other related work to actively contribute and actively participate.
     Online Analysis System, Online Gas Analyzer, Online Water Quality Analyzer, Standard Cabinet, Analysis Cabin and its Accessories, Portable Analysis Instrument, On-line Electrochemical Instrument, Near Red External Online Analyzer, Online Nuclear Magnetic resonance Analyzer, Online Mass Spectrometer, Online Color Spectrometer, Online Laser Analyzer, Online Heavy Metal Detector, Coal online analysis instrument, online granularity instrument, online conductivity instrument, online viscometer, PHmeter, sampling and sample pretreatment system, online analysis reaction system other: standard gas, standard liquid, chemical reagents, etc., set up an online analysis instrument system parts area, etc..
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        Invitation: 11th China Online Analytical Instrument Application and Development International Forum cum Exhibition
        Time: November 21-23, 2018
        Exhibit: C096
        Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center
        Address: 88 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing
        Contact: Li Fengjingli
        Contact: 0312-8920861 1722210566
        Website: Http://
Traffic routes:
        Nanjing South Railway Station is about 12 kilometers away from Nanjing International Expo Center. You can transfer trams via the subway.
        Take the subway S3 line(Gaojiachong direction) at Nanjing South Railway Station;
        After 7 stops get off at Pingliang Street Station;
        After walking out of the exit, go 260 meters Northeast along the street, and there will be a tram line 1 Pingliang Street Station on the tram line 1;

        After three stops at the East Gate Station of the Expo Center, get off at the Nanjing International Expo Center opposite the road.