What is the maintenance cost of the peristaltic pump

Provide:   Source:   Time:2018-07-02  
   We only know that the maintenance cost of peristaltic pump is low, but we don't know where it is. Only an enterprise using peristaltic pumps will know how much cost the peristaltic pump saves.
   The other pumps need five or six hours to maintain and repair the transmission media, so we don't know what kind of pumps we have here. I believe all our friends have understood. The peristaltic pump only needs to replace the pump tube to complete the maintenance work.
   In the maintenance, it is necessary to move, transfer and reinstall, which takes other extra time. This has great impact on our work efficiency. So you can think of how convenient the replacement of the pump tube is. And we can choose different price pumps for the liquid we transmit.
   Does the peristaltic pump need to be cleaned? Do not need to be maintained? The peristaltic pump does not need to be cleaned, because the transmission process of the liquid is in contact with the peristaltic pump, only through the pump tube.
   The maintenance period of the pump body of peristaltic pump is also very long. If it is in good condition, it only needs half a month to maintain it.