How to choose the correct peristaltic pump

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How to choose the peristaltic pump correctly:
First, choosing a suitable peristaltic pump product is not a simple job. You need to consider the following factors:
1, choose an independent and complete peristaltic pump product or OEM peristaltic pump product, depending on your application.
2. What voltage, installation mode, flow rate and cost are the key factors in OEM peristaltic pump products?
Two, choose what peristaltic pump brand, you need to consider the following three factors:
1, whether the supply enterprise is a regular peristaltic pump production brand enterprise, which directly affects your worries.
2, the strength of peristaltic pump manufacturers, including R & D strength, production scale, quality control system, after-sales service system;
3, the price factor is also very important, not the cheaper the better, the regular manufacturer's price is transparent.