What factors should be taken into consideration in selecting the peristaltic pump tube

Provide:   Source:   Time:2018-07-02  
   The transmission of peristaltic pump has good accuracy, which is also the first characteristic of its perversion. And this kind of performance is not only the pump body itself, but also plays an extremely important role in the pump tube. Different industries need to choose different pumps, which need not be said too much. But when choosing peristaltic pump pipes, we need to consider the following factors.
First: pump pressure.
   The pressure of different pumps is different. This is based on the choice of the peristaltic pump to choose the right pump tube.
Second: working temperature.
   If our working temperature is too high, we need to choose a heat-resistant pump tube. If it works at room temperature, there is no special requirement to choose the ordinary pump tube.
Third: the size of the pump tube.
   The size of the pump tube also plays a certain role in the transmission of the flow. Good internal diameter of the pump tube is usually larger, so that the flow of transmission is more, and has a good resilience.